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The stator arrangement is supported on the rotor shaft

A hydrodynamic rotary bearing comprises e.g. an outer sleeve, an inner ring and a lubricant. The outer sleeve and the inner ring are pivotable relatively to each other. Under normal operating conditions the inner ring and the outer sleeve ofthe hydrodynamic rotary bearing are separated by a film of the lubricant,buy Rotor shaft. At start-up and shut-down of the hydrodynamic rotary bearing, i.e. when the speed of rotation e.g. of the inner ring relatively to the outer sleeve is low, this film of thelubricant is in general not able to carry the load on the hydrodynamic rotary bearing, and the inner ring and the outer sleeve come into direct contact. This leads to increased wear and is therefore undesirable.

In FIG. 1 a sectional view of a hydrodynamic rotary bearing 1 is shown wherein the hydrodynamic rotary bearing 1 is at rest. The hydrodynamic rotary bearing comprises an outer sleeve 2 which may be provided with a bushing, an inner ring 3 e.g.designed to receive a shaft buy Rotor shaft or journal and a lubricant 4. If the hydrodynamic rotary bearing 1 is mounted with its centre axis of rotation oriented substantially in the horizontal direction, the lubricant 4 tends to collect in the lower part of thehydrodynamic rotary bearing 1 when the hydrodynamic rotary bearing is at rest. In this constellation the inner ring 3 is pressed against the upper part of the outer sleeve 2. The direction and the point of attack of the loading force are indicated bythe arrow F in FIG. 1. This situation is typical for a static, gravitational load supported by a rotating, horizontal shaft, as opposed to the "normal" situation where a rotating shaft is supported by a static structure.

In the situation illustrated in FIG. 1 the inner ring 3 and the outer sleeve 2 remain in direct and dry contact in the contact zone 5 with each other on start-up until the inner ring 3 has rotated enough to carry lubricant, e.g. oil, into thecontact zone 5. Because the contact zone 5 is at the upper part of the hydrodynamic rotary bearing 1, the inner ring 3 may have to rotate by as much as half a revolution before a load carrying film of lubricant can begin to develop. Thus there occurwear in the contact zone 5 which consequently shortens the lifetime of the hydrodynamic rotary bearing.

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