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Following China Precision shaft

But in 2001 the average wage of workers is $ 100 per month in 2006 exceeded $ 218 reached in 2009 to $ 393, and last year rose to $ 554. With the pace of price increases for labor, the Chinese lose their main advantage. Meanwhile, on the horizon once again, the rising star Russian precision engineering. Many companies are no longer the first wave of modernization. Even before the crisis,China Precision shaft, in 2008, were the main clients of the European space products advanced machine tools. The economic crisis is shaking not be stopped. In 2011, domestic enterprises have developed high-precision machines of 600 billion rubles. According to forecasts, the following will increase from 740 billion rubles.

Demand is increasing: in 2015, the factories, the machines are to buy 770 billion. "It's a 15-20% of the world market for a machine tool industry complex", - said the head of the Union of heavy O. Tsymbal. While we talk about the purchase of modern equipment. Interestingly,China Precision shaft, no more than 60% of purchases of machine tools of Russian companies in China and Germany. From there leads to a technique as complex as a multi-axis configuration, laser machines thinking about cutting, etc. "In the acquisition of machinery abroad, there is nothing to be ashamed.

That's exactly what China. And Russia has twice passed through here. For the first time - during the industrial revolution of the 1890s. The second time - the length of period of Stalin's industrialization 1928-1940 "- says Professor HSE VA Serebryakov. The main consumers of products: machine, buy 57% of the machines,China Precision shaft, the second - the defense industry, with a share of 23%. Third - oil and gas, but represents only 5% of the industry demand high-tech equipment.

Mechanical engineers know where to invest. In the first stage of the art equipment considerably increases production. For example, the manufacture of steam turbines, China Precision shaft,according to claim Rosstat, in 2000 was 2.5 times, compressors, five times, the packaging lines, three times. Electricity generation - has reached Soviet. This - the first stage of industrial development. Delocalization of the means of production itself - is followed by the second. Here we have a strong order book. In the USSR there were 400 machine tool companies, 300 have survived until today. Certainly, the Soviet Union ranked third in the world of production and the second - for the consumption of machine tools.

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