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Aliens pour in through ventilation shafts

I played several games as a marine (Gearbox staffers took care of the alien side all day during our preview), and already it's a fraught, frantic and often terrifying experience. The level takes place in a wrecked section of Hadley's Hope, a multi-levelled hell hole of blind corridors, steel walkways and open cargo bays buy Precision shaft. Amid the darkness, aliens pour in through ventilation shafts, clinging to ceilings and walls, and making slashing attacks at their human prey. Hitting the left bumper button on an pad brings up the motion detector, an exact replica of the movie device, allowing you to spot incoming xenomorphs – but at the price of lowering your weapon, leaving you scarily vulnerable.

We had three load-outs to call on, each consisting of a primary weapon and a pistol. The pulse rifle is basically a sub-machine gun, offering a fast rate of fire, but not much accuracy; the assault rifle is an M16 derivative with burst fire and greater precision; and then there's the pump-action shotgun, which causes exactly the sort of close-range carnage you expect and demand. Indeed, in this game, against an enemy that only kills through melee attacks and has no projectile option, this usually niche option really comes into its own.

Each weapon also has a secondary fire option. In our demo, the pulse rifle and pump-action both featured grenade launchers, while the assault rifle had an underslung shotgun. There will be more firearms and secondary options in the final game but Gearbox isn't saying much apart from that it will be introducing some of its own newcomers. The flame-thrower is definitely in there, and while glancing at some concept art on the walls at Gearbox's office in Dallas (more on that another time), I saw references to M83 grenade rounds, M3A SMGs and a Neusturmgewehr 23 rifle … whatever the heck that is.

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