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The main electric motor shaft

Electric vehicle mode: The engine is off, and the battery provides electrical energy to power the motor (or the reverse when regenerative braking is engaged). Used for idling as well when the battery State Of Charge (SOC) is high.

Cruise mode: The vehicle is cruising (i.e. not accelerating), and the engine can meet the road load demand. The power from the engine is split between the mechanical path and the generator. The battery provides electrical energy to power the motor shaft, whose power is summed mechanically with the engine. If the battery state-of-charge is low, part of the power from the generator is directed towards charging the battery.

Overdrive mode: A portion of the rotational energy is siphoned off by the main electric motor shaft, operating as a generator, to produce electricity. This electrical energy is used to drive the sun gear in the direction opposite its usual rotation. The end result has the ring gear rotating faster than the engine, albeit at lower torque.

Battery charge mode: Also used for idling, except that in this case the battery state-of-charge is low and requires charging, which is provided by the engine and generator.

Power boost mode: Employed in situations where the engine cannot meet the road load demand. The battery is then used to power the motor shaft to provide a boost to the engine power.

Negative split mode: The vehicle is cruising and the battery state-of-charge is high. The battery provides power to both the motor shaft (to provide mechanical power) and to the generator. The generator converts this to mechanical energy that it directs towards the engine motor shaft, slowing it down (although not altering its torque output). The purpose of this engine “lugging” is to increase the fuel economy of the vehicle.

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