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Complete accustomed electric motor shaft

The exhausted abecedarian motor is a permanent-magnet or a series-parallel affliction complete accustomed electric motor shaft with a abecedarian solenoid army on it. When accustomed from the starting adjustment is activated to the solenoid, usually through a key-operated switch, the solenoid engages a batten that pushes out the drive attach on the abecedarian driveshaft and meshes the attach with the abecedarian ring accent on the flywheel of the engine.

The solenoid aswell closes high-current contacts for the abecedarian motor shaft, which begins to turn. Already the engine starts, the key-operated changeabout is opened, a animation in the solenoid accession pulls the attach accent away from the ring gear, and the abecedarian motor stops. The starter's attach is abashed to its driveshaft through an overrunning sprag catch which permits the attach to abode drive in abandoned one direction.

 In this manner, drive is transmitted through the attach to the flywheel ring gear, but if the attach charcoal affianced (as for classic because the abettor fails to absolution the key as afresh as the engine starts, or if there is a abridge and the solenoid charcoal engaged), the attach will ambit distant of its driveshaft. This prevents the engine alive the starter, for such backdrive would could could cause the abecedarian to ambit so fast as to fly apart.

However, this sprag catch acclimation would avoid the use of the abecedarian as a artist if alive in admixture acclimation mentioned above, unless modifications are made. Also, a accustomed abecedarian motor is abandoned brash for alternating use which would avoid its use as a generator.

This overrunning-clutch attach acclimation was phased into use alpha in the ancient 1960s; afore that time, a Bendix drive was used. The Bendix adjustment places the abecedarian drive attach on a helically-cut driveshaft. When the abecedarian motor begins turning, the aloofness of the drive attach accession causes it to ride avant-garde on the complect and appropriately accredit with the ring gear. When the engine starts, backdrive from the ring accent causes the drive attach to exhausted the rotative dispatch of the starter, at which point the drive attach is afflicted ashamed down the ambit shaft and appropriately out of fiber with the ring gear.

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