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Which lubricating oil do precision shaft need?

  Select the grease, you must select and use conditions (temperature, speed, load and environment, etc.) to adapt the grease, and these are the basic characteristics of the grease, and grease on the basic characteristics of base oil and thickener the species.

  It is predicted that by 2010, precision shaft industry needs to purchase hobbing 3000 3500; grinding machine 400 ~ 500; heat treatment equipment, 500; gear measuring center 200. 90,000 units of gear in the machine, about 5 million units in service for over 20 years, has been or will be scrapped; remaining 40,000 ordinary gear machine tools will also be part of the CNC transformation.

  How to make money and improve the effectiveness become technical innovation technical innovation to reduce the risk and cost, I believe, and precision shaft enterprises should grasp the four key.

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