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What is the most marked characteristic of our country axle shaft industry?

  Many axle shaft experiments have shown both at home and abroad: keep frame, the processing quality steel ball rings, of bearing vibration has the influence of different level, the processing quality of steel ball bearing vibration of most effect, followed by the collar processing quality.

  The most is the main influential factor of steel ball and contractor roundness, the striation, surface roughness, surface knocked wounded, etc.

  Axle shaft in our country's most prominent problem is vibration value discrete big, the surface defect serious (single point, group of point, potholes), although the surface roughness, size, shape, error is not less than the circle levels.

  But after the close of bearing vibration value high, even produce different sound, the main problem is a striation no control, and indicates that the machine as ant-vibration sex differences, grinding wheel, grinding plate, cooling fluid, process parameters are problems.

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