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What is the working principle of continuous current dynamo?

  The working principle of DC generator armature coil in the sensor is to the motor shaft, by the commutator with the change to the role of the brush, so that leads from the brush end into the DC when the principle of electromotive force.

  When the coil is rotated counterclockwise by 180 °, motor shaft of the cd in the N pole, the conductor ab in the S pole, the force of the conductor are changed direction, respectively.

  Therefore, there is always a positive polarity A brush, brush B always negative, so the brush end can lead to changes in the direction of change but the size of the pulsating force.

  If the motor shaft on the number of coils increased, and according to certain rules connecting them, can reduce the pulsating level, you can get DC electromotive force. This is the working principle of DC generator.

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