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The reasons why A high pressure motor shaft currents causes and how to maintain it

  High-voltage electrical insulation requirements for high voltage motor slot insulation once appeared damaged, then the core and windings contacts easily, so that there will be high pressure shaft between the motor shaft and the bearing or the bearing end of the two high-voltage motors current. Once axis current, high-voltage motor shaft so that it will significantly shorten the life of the damaged bearing.

  Many reasons for high voltage motor shaft produces motor shaft currents, there are four major points.

  First, on-site maintenance bad result in the formation pathway between the housing, base and high-voltage motor shaft, so to produce axis current;

  Second, the power supply is unstable, there is a high harmonics, resulting axis current;

  Third, the magnetic field caused by high voltage motor asymmetry occurs axis current;

  Fourth, the motor stator and rotor eccentric phenomenon exists, so that the air gap is uneven, and no timely maintenance and cause shaft currents. For harmful shaft currents can generally take the following approach to prevention.

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