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What are the advantages of submerged arc welding motor shaft

  The workers produced when the motor shaft, usually using submerged arc welding . Of course, some workers may use other ways to weld the motor shaft. However, most workers in this process still take SAW. So, what are the advantages of submerged arc welded motor shaft?

  First, when the workers using the submerged arc welded motor shaft, very convenient and safe. Workers can be submerged arc welding test plate, welded it out of the joint has good mechanical properties, it is able to meet the requirements of the standard.

  Second, workers using submerged arc welded motor shaft can be very stable. Because welding parameters can be automatically adjusted to maintain stable operation of the technical requirements of the workers is not too high. Relative to the SMAW, SAW labor intensity is much lower, so that the workers can be very easy.

  Third, to the workers using submerged arc welding of the motor shaft, with the welding current is large, it is also a great current density. Workers in the welding process, with the flux and slag protection, so improve the welding speed. When workers welding the motor shaft speed, can effectively ensure the interpose temperature when the welding.

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