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Automobile water pump motor shaft it should not be optional Kea grease

Use grease should pay attention to two issues, namely, according to the requirements of automotive manuals , choose the appropriate grade of grease. For example , automobile water pump motor shaft it should not be optional Kea grease, because water resistance is poor. Second, adding motor shaft grease in moderation, generally filling the cavity 1/2-l/3 motor shaft is appropriate , too much is not only useless , but also increase the running resistance of the motor shaft , so that the heating temperature . Particular attention is car wheels motor shaft, to promote " an empty hub lubrication" , that is, only the right amount of grease to coat on the motor shaft, otherwise, not only waste and cooling efficiency, but also to heat the grease spills, could affect braking performance.

Lubricating advantage is a small frictional resistance , and heat energy is mainly used for high speed and high ambient temperature, motor shaft. Automotive lubricants required grades according to the instructions of the selection, and then after the timely replacement of car maintenance period , the release of the bodies to the old oil after cleaning plus new oil, oil should be added to the specified markings, or flush with the fuel filler ( depending on the specific structure of the car , request) , can not pay more .

Scroll motor shaft failure phenomenon is generally expressed as two, one motor shaft mounting portion temperature is too high, the second is motor shaft in operation noise .

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