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Take turn motor shaft grounding brushes installed

Motor shaft currents presence of motor shaft Order of the life of the extremely destructive, according to the actual operating conditions, analyze the causes and take turn motor shaft grounding brushes installed to strengthen non-motor shaft end of the motor shaft extension bearing and bracket insulation and other effective measures to fundamentally solve the problem of motor shaft current hazards.

1 motor shaft current damage

In the motor shaft during operation, if the order of the two motor shaft end or the motor speed and the motor shaft between the motor shaft motor shaft current order of existence, then the steel shaft order of life will be greatly shortened. Minor can run thousands of hours in serious cases, can only run a few hours, to field a tremendous impact on production safety. Same time as the motor shaft bearing damage and replacement of the direct and indirect economic losses nor subtotals.

2 motor shaft and the motor shaft voltage current generation

(A) generating magnetic motor shaft voltage unbalance

punching the fan motor shaft, silicon steel lamination factors, together with the core grooves, such as the presence of the ventilation holes, resulting imbalance in the magnetic circuit reluctance, and in turn are surrounded by motor shaft alternating magnetic cutting through the transfer motor shaft, the motor shaft of the voltage induced across the motor shaft.

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