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What are the reasons to produce motor shaft voltage?

  Axis voltage is the voltage, generated in the end of the motor two bearings or between the motor shaft and the bearing, its causes generally have the following kinds:

  Firstly, magnetic imbalance produces shaft voltage.

  Because the motor the fan-shaped impulse tablets, silicon steel sheet lamination factors, plus that the core slot and ventilation holes exist, resulting in the magnetic circuit in the presence of disequilibrium reluctance, and rotating cutting shaft around the alternating magnetic flux, and inducting voltage at the two ends of the axle shaft.

  Secondly, inverter power supply generates shaft voltage.

  When motor makes the inverter power running, the power supply voltage contains a higher order harmonic components, the effect of the voltage pulse component is generated between the end portion of the stator winding coil wiring portion, the motor shaft, electromagnetic induction, so that the potential of the rotating shaft occurs change, resulting in the axis voltage.

  Thirdly, electrostatic induction generates shaft voltage.

  There are more high voltage equipments in the motor running around the site, and under the role of strong electric field, induct motor shaft voltage at both ends of the rotating shaft.

  Fourthly, external power supply generates shaft voltage, due to interventional operation field's wiring complexity, especially for motor protection, measuring element having more wires, no matter which charged head lapped on the rotating shaft, will produce the axis voltage.

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