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How and when to choose and use motor shaft rightly


Motion Control Engineering is a broad brush discipline in all situations and conditions of the mechanical movement which is controlled by a motor or other covers.
Consider only three drivers for this discussion and only confirm that there are linear motors and other machinery.
I think the best way to make one that meets the specific application and cost. With engine technology, more demanding than what the application requires additional costs. I saw and sell solutions, the consultant met revenue targets, not the cheapest solution for the specific application. For example: An engine that is a fan blade is exactly what it looks. It could be clockwise or counterclockwise. He could run at different speeds, but it does not stop at a certain position. So with a servo motor shaft is a fan blade as the fan blades in particular can be positioned at the position o clock 12 ', if it should stop saying excessive and very expensive solution. A reversible AC motor at different speeds could be the best solution at low cost.
The purchase price for the best engine technology is not the only "cost" with.
So what are the criteria for selecting the best motor shaft?
The first test is the price and performance, or what the cheapest motor and control cables, which are requested by the applicant?
The cheaper technology are driving the most expensive:
a. AC motors have no control. (Line down.)
b. DC motors and controllers
c. AC motors and controllers
d. brushless motors and controllers
e. stepper motors and controllers
f. Actuators and controls
g. Direct drives and controls
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