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It's very careful to choose the materials of axle shaft

  An axle shaft overall strength is determined by what Randy’s Ring & Pinion calls DMD: diameter, materials, design. We’ll start with materials.

  The first two numbers refer to the alloy and the last two the average carbon content. The numbers are primarily the Carbon Group, the 4xxx has many Nickel-Chromium-Molybdenum Group members, and the three-number designations are considered aircraft-grade steels.

  Axleshafts typically use medium-carbon steel. Carbon increases strength but makes the steel less ductile or flexible. Aftermarket alloy shafts often have a higher carbon content than axle shaft and also introduce other metals such as chromium, molybdenum, and nickel into the mix. These metals increase strength and improve case hardening.

  Here’s an overview of the AISI material grades most often used for automotive axle shaft. (The Society of Automotive Engineers tends to use AISI’s designations; MIL-Spec, ASTM, ASM, and international designations can vary.) The raw stock sometimes includes abbreviations that refer to the manufacturing process: H is hot-rolled, CD is cold-drawn, A is annealed, and Q is quenched, for example.

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