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Precision shaft to be just as successful

  Two years ago, nVentix Golf introduced the Nunchuk 370 precision shaft for drivers and fairway metals, and in 2011 the so-called “one-model-fits-all” shaft garnered three wins and 16 top-five finishes during its inaugural seasons on the PGA and Champions Tours, Precision shaft with more than 40 touring professionals putting it into play.

  To that end, they developed a technology it calls Tri-Zonal Stability in an effort to reduce the variables that shafts typically introduce to shotmaking, such as twisting and flexing unnecessarily.

  More recently, nVentix rolled out a version of the Nunchuk 370 for hybrids, and Precision shaft officials say they expect it to be just as successful.

  According to Mike McCall, chief executive officer of the privately held, Dallas-based nVentix, the design of the Nunchuk 370 is based on two simple premises – making sure the clubhead is better aligned through the impact zone and making it easier for golfers to find the sweet spot.

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