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Axle shaft was used in the truck

  Nobody likes to get the axle shaft in the proverbial sense. But getting the right shaft for your axle can keep you from being stuck in the yuck with no torque to the tires. This article hones in on the materials and manufacturing of OE and aftermarket axleshafts. We’re limiting it to rear shafts; front shafts might be covered in an upcoming issue.

  Upset forging forms the axle flanges (yellow-hot in the image). The heated bar is squished into a die under high pressure, kind of like flaring a brake line but on a much larger, hotter scale.

  Axleshafts typically use medium-carbon steel. Carbon increases strength but makes the steel less ductile or flexible. Aftermarket alloy shafts often have a higher carbon content than OE shafts and also introduce other metals such as chromium, molybdenum, and nickel into the mix. These metals increase strength and improve case hardening.

  An axleshaft’s overall strength is determined by what Randy’s Ring & Pinion calls DMD: diameter, materials, design. We’ll start with materials.

  Here’s an overview of the AISI (Ameri-can Iron & Steel Institute) material grades most often used for automotive axleshafts.

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