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The fastest-growing shaft brand in our country

  KBS shafts incorporate a new and advanced mix of shaft technologies that improve performance by maximizing energy transfer to the club head while maintaining a firm steel shaft flex.

  Since introduction in 2008, KBS Golf Shafts have led the steel shaft industry with innovation and unprecedented growth. Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, KBS is manufactured in partnership with FEMCO steel shaft Technology.

  KBS is focused on innovating steel shaft technologies that maximize performance while making every shot more enjoyable for the golfer. Available industry-wide, visit KBS online to learn why they are the fastest growing shaft on Tour, hear from their avid community, or find a local dealer.

  This unique combination ensures players achieve an optimal mix of feel and shot control while maximizing total distance. As a catalog, the KBS TOUR Series consists of three performance options delivering a balanced progression in trajectory, ball spin, shaft weight and flex.

  This logical progression offers a simple and versatile fitting solution for a wide range of golfers, including many of the best players in the world.

Steel shaft,axle shaft and motor shaft which are producted by the professional manufacturer and exporter Fenghua Zhaoxu Micro Shaft Co., Ltd. are sold at home and overseas.
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