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Covers most differentials of axle shafts

  As certified gearheads it’s hard for us to leave a vehicle just the way the factory intended. Modifying our 4x4s is what we enjoy,axle shaft, and since you’re reading this magazine we’ll assume that you’re OK with that too.

  The 3.73-ratio differential gears were plenty for the modest factory tire size but are a tad low numerically for the way our Tahoe is outfitted.

  Luckily, this is not a big issue,axle shaft, as many gear ratio upgrades are available for the 1⁄2-ton Chevy platform. We opted for a set of Yukon Gear & Axle 4.56 gears and master install kits that we picked up from Randy’s Ring & Pinion. Yukon is known for its heavy-duty gearsets and axleshafts and has a vast parts list that covers most differentials.

  The parts list for our ’04 Chevy Tahoe regear included two Yukon master install kits, along with 81⁄4 IFS front and 81⁄2-inch rear 4.56 Yukon gears.

  Yukon’s master install kits provided us with all of the necessary bearings, shims, and gasket material needed. There was no carrier break for the Tahoe, which meant we could reuse the stock differential carriers.

  While an intake, exhaust, and programmer have all helped to squeeze out a few extra ponies, the Tahoe tends to struggle to stay in overdrive at highway speeds.

  This issue has mainly been due to the numerically low differential gears that were fitted in the vehicle from the factory. As the driveshaft rotates it turns a pinion gear, which meshes with the ring gear. The ring gear is bolted to a carrier, which is what splits the power between your axleshafts.

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