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River water wheel center steel shaft were damaged by a falling tree

  The water wheel’s paddles and center steel shaft were damaged by a falling tree. The city of Orangeburg is having it fixed it and hopes to have the wheel back in place in about a month.

  Edisto River water wheel being repaired By GENE ZALESKI, T&D Staff Writer The Times and Democrat.Orangeburg City maintenance crew describes the repairs needed to restore the Water Wheel at Edisto Memorial Gardens

  One of the most popular attractions in Edisto Memorial Gardens will soon return after a month away. The city’s service department has been repairing the water wheel after a large tree fell on it last month, damaging its paddles and center steel shaft. Some fascia boards are also going to be replaced on the pontoons.

  “We were lucky. When it was in the river it looked a lot worse when we got the tree cut off,” said Wattie Fogle, supervisor of the city maintenance department.

  Orangeburg Department of Public Works Director Buster Smith said the wheel is on a 10- to 14-year maintenance schedule.“Mother Nature helped us with that and speeded up the process a little bit,” he said. “Some of the cups were damaged on the wheel itself and the impacted area where the tree hit the wood. It was replaced.”

  It cost about $500 to repair the wheel and $500 to rent the crane to move it.“It is a landmark and one of the most photographed items in the Gardens, so we are anxious to get it back up and operating,” Smith said.The wheel should be back in the river in about two weeks.Orangeburg Mayor Paul Miller described the wheel as a “center of attraction” for visitors to the gardens.

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