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Bearings attach to axle shaft

  On this the roller bearings attach to the yoke at one end and the axle shaft itself at the other, thus allowing up and down and sideways movement.

  Insert a screwdriver between the shaft and spider and prise it to and fro. Pray there is no movement because if there is, the joint must be renewed.

  If there is a clonk on the overrun, this means universal joint wear is quite severe. Humming noises and shaking from beneath the car’s mid-section may indicate that the shaft requires balancing.

  If the imbalance is minor, you can fit worm-drive clamps on the axle shaft. You can then move the tightening screw to different positions and test-drive until balance is restored and the humming ceases.

  When this does not work, you may have to get the shaft professionally treated and have weights welded on and electronic balancing carried out. Removing the shaft is simple enough and bit of DIY here will save you cash Be certain to file a mark across the yoke and cross flanges before removal, thus enabling the return of the shaft in its original position.

  Start shaft removal at the rear. Undo the flange nuts, pull the shaft down at the back and draw the slip yo ke from the gearbox end. On two-piece shafts you will need to undo the bolts that secure the centre bearing to the floor pan. With the shaft removed, you will need a sturdy vice, hammer and circlip pliersSupport the shaft flange in the vice jaws then hit it just behind the joint with a soft-faced hammer. In effect you are supporting one cross of the spider while knocking the shaft downwards to push the top bearing out.

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