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Where to buy Precision shaft preferential?

  Yet if, like the PCO, they flirt with whimsy, they also have elements of a peculiarly English mysticism. I found myself thinking of George Herbert or the Thomas Traherne of “The Corn was Orient and Immortal Wheat which never should be reaped,buy Precision shaft, nor was ever sown. I thought it had stood from Everlasting to Everlasting.” One tune - “Yellow Noise” - was about the sun unexpectedly blasting through the grey skies.

  On several songs, like “Antrobus” (named after a village in Cheshire), the accordion acted as a chorus in the absence of voices.One would like to hear an arrangement for some of their music with a choir of some sort. Although their albums show a wonderful and even unsettling precision and exact levels of presentation, I did find their live act didn’t quite live up to the albums.

  This is perhaps because in comparison their live moves are rather diffident and uncoordinated, despite the periodic efforts of the flame-haired violinist to rock out.

  It may be more fun to see them at a futuristic barn dance smashed on cider rather than in the temple of Modernism that is Kings Place. Maybe they should think about what they wear more, get a choreographer in. Or perhaps work with dancers, use abstract or natural patterns on a back screen. Everything else about them is innovative and unsettling. As it is, the mystery and beauty of their albums was rather undercut by their less-than-charismatic stage presence.

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