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What factors should you pay attention to China Rotor shaft

   Cold start should first vacuum evacuation seal. If the first, then apply again and again sent to the vacuum seal will be the seal for the steam directly into the cylinder, especially low-pressure cylinder, which will cause the cylinder, the rotor uneven heating, the temperature difference between the upper and lower cylinder may cause the rotor thermal bending, resulting cylinder "Cat Arch" deformation.
   In addition, if the first send a vacuum seal and then apply again and again, will make the heat expansion of the rotor shaft at the time the longer, more intense heat, may result in the startup process is differential expansion of overrun, if not overloaded, also limit the load increases the speed, extended warm-up time, if it is coal-fired units, will help increase fuel consumption. It is generally half an hour before the red switch to send seal.
Steel shaft,axle shaft and motor shaft which are producted by the professional manufacturer and exporter Fenghua Zhaoxu Micro Shaft Co., Ltd. are sold at home and overseas.
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