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What’s the factors of accuracy of the main China Hinge pin

   The channel radial bearing rings, the system will correspond to the spindle axis of the spindle run out produced to some of these errors will be reflected in the processing complex on the surface. Diameter of the bearing rolling elements are inconsistent and error will make the spindle shape of a regular error.
   Placed on the face side of the channel will cause axial movement of the China Hinge pin , the spindle axial movement of the precision grinding machines, grinding machines, especially bearing was particularly significant, if grinding process on the use tributary ditch the way, will make the rejection rate greatly enhance the noise will be greatly improved.
   Face of the bearing installation dimensions and form and position errors will generate a corresponding raceway deformation of the bearing inner and outer rings tilt, making the bearing stiffness in all directions are inconsistent, so the system will reduce the spindle rotation accuracy. Adjust the gap nut, spacer, washer face require grinding and rotating with the shaft vertical axis of the bearing to be installed and the corresponding precision, otherwise the work will reduce the precision of the bearing.
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