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Would you like to buy Rotor shaft flow fan when you buy Rotor shaft

   LINDEN Rotor shaft axial fan stand out for its excellent energy-saving effect. The principle is: in a variety of devices and systems to achieve by moving hot air and cold air exchange.
   Such is the superiority of fan installation depth, low noise, high efficiency, especially for heat exchangers. In addition, LINDEN significant energy-saving axial flow fan so that it is widely used in various fields, especially in ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration. Compact. For the axial flow fan, the air is inhaled along the axial direction and parallel to high-speed rotation of the motor shaft. LINDEN external rotor motor is integrated directly on the impeller in the axial direction, thus forming a compact axial fan unit.
   Performance at a glance: species diversity in size, there are different options of air performance, advanced aerodynamic fan blade design, efficient and low noise, wide choice of accessories: including the protection of the grid, junction boxes, capacitors, etc., according to DIN ISO 1940 specification, axial fan can achieve double-sided power balance, access to CCC, CE, RoHS certification.
Steel shaft,axle shaft and motor shaft which are producted by the professional manufacturer and exporter Fenghua Zhaoxu Micro Shaft Co., Ltd. are sold at home and overseas.
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