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Why do Precision shaft increase rapidly when you buy Precision shaft

   As the world's largest machine tool consumer, manufacturing has become a pillar industry of China for many of us buy Precision shaft as our tool. China's current rate of development of Precision shaft is fast, functional parts of Precision shaft to improve the performance and quality has become a top priority the development of China's machine tool industry.
   To achieve high-performance Precision shaft, machine tool production in China using high-precision ball screw drive ratio has been greatly improved. As a ball screw and motor connections transmission Precision shaft, especially the use of high-precision coupling also will increase rapidly. CNC machine tools in the face of this monster, the coupling is particularly compact. Precision couplings from the dimension point of view, is probably used more than ten millimeters to over a mm, and some even only chopsticks size only. Although it is small size, no small role in it, with it can make the drive shaft and output shaft torque transmission between the absorption of deviation, in order to achieve high-precision passing. Flexible coupling also has a certain buffer damping performance, reduce the mechanical transmission of vibration to reduce the impact of peak load. To protect the drive motor, the drive to improve system performance, extend the life of the machine.
   Buying precision Shaft has applications in many fields, such as auto parts, office automation parts, household appliances parts, power tools spare parts. Taicang Dai Erta great precision to the needs of multinational companies φ0.8mm-φ2mm accuracy of 0.001mm high-precision micro-axis as the main direction, strengthen and expand China's precision shaft industry.
Steel shaft,axle shaft and motor shaft which are producted by the professional manufacturer and exporter Fenghua Zhaoxu Micro Shaft Co., Ltd. are sold at home and overseas.
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